Kierkegaard & Silence

Over the past couple of months I have launched a podcast with my friends. This means that at least once a week I get to have the pleasure of an in depth discussion with two of my dear friends on subjects that we are passionate about. In these discussions we have spent time considering the importance of writing regularly. During all of this time talking and writing we have never mentioned the benefits of maintaining silence. This seems to make since considering our decision to enter an auditory medium. However, there are points in which silence can be incredibly important.

There is a quote that is often attributed to my favorite philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard. While I doubt the legitimacy of the quote as it is never cited and I have never run across it in my readings of his works, it carries a poetic strength worth sharing. The quote states:

”If I were allowed to prescribe only one remedy for all the ills of the modern world, I would prescribe silence…Therefore, create silence.”

The context in which Søren is quoted as saying this is in discussion of religion. However, a lot can be said to this idea outside of that context. We are in a constantly connected world with an unbelievable amount of noise. I feel we could benefit greatly from a bit of silence.


A few months ago I told an incredibly important person in my life that I needed to spend more time trying to understand what it is that makes me tick. Initially I felt that this meant finding out why I care so deeply about the things I already love like literature, education, and technology. If I can identify what the core components of my passions are then perhaps I will have a better grasp of who I am.

This lead to me trying find out what I love and enjoy about my own works. Sadly this has been a large struggle for me, because I have felt unproductive lately. 

In episode 8 of the Inquisitive podcast, Shawn Blanc makes a brilliant statement about celebrating the little things. He says that for many of us it has become "about how productive I am; never celebrating how productive I have been." Shawn is telling us that we really need to celebrate even the tiniest of accomplishments, because the never ending scrutiny we place on ourselves can suck the life out of us. Seriously, please take some time to listen to the podcast. Plus if you ever wondered what the sound of someone having an epiphany would be, just listen to Myke Hurley when Shawn brings this up.

IRL Talk

If you are looking for a podcast that can make you laugh out loud just listen out to IRL Talk. Faith and Jason both seem hilarious on their own but the dynamic between the two is hysterical. 

Beyond their wit and delightfully contagious laughter it is also an interesting look at pop culture and technology. The majority of the podcasts that I listen to analyze technology from a very high level perspective. On IRL Talk it is a fun, down-to-earth discussion between to friends that occasionally talks about initial impressions on new technologies alongside of culture, movies, and television.

AirPort Extreme & Design

I have always had a peculiar fascination with Apple's choices around wireless routers. I have quite often told people, when asked what my favorite apple product is, that it's an AirPort Express. That has changed since they switched to the current generation of them, however.

The Accidental Tech Podcast that was released today has a rather interesting discussion around the Design of the AirPort Extreme and routers in general. Definitely worth a listen as it really hones in on the importance of design for even those products we generally setup once and forget about.