Still Not Buying It

Ellis Hamburger over at The Verge had this to say about Yo:

Yo is a great way to annoy your friends, but it could also turn into something much more – a simple way to manage push notifications across multiple apps and gadgets.

I still am not buying into this. Several years ago, if this was a fully thought out idea, it could possibly have been valuable. Maybe. However, with Home Kit coming to iOS 8 this fall I can just call up Siri to shut down the house and it would communicate to all of my home gadgets. Not only is that easier to do but it is also does not require me to even launch an app. I admit I do not know enough about Android's recently announced approach to this, but I imagine they will have similar functionality.

Additionally, why would I pull up the Yo app to send something to IFTT? Why wouldn't I just go tell IFTT to start the process and eliminate the unnecessary middle step? Maybe it's the Apple philosophy ingrained into me but I also don't get releasing an app that does relatively little and then attempting to force some sort of actually functionality into it. Especially functionality that seems to be unnecessary come this autumn.