Use Cases - Pragmatic Podcast

John Chidgey's Pragmatic Podcast is one of the more interesting podcasts I have heard and it is not just because of his Australian accent. His show does a brilliant job of looking at the actual engineering behind the technology we use. In episode 29 he analyzes the Surface Pro 3 with the wonderful Myke Hurley.

The most interesting part of this episode was identifying that the Surface and iPad have different use cases. While the Surface appears to fail at it's own use case in terms of design it is interesting to consider what the ideal use case is. It also has me considering just how universal the iPad is starting to become and the wide variety of uses it has. Tim Cook recently stated (although I feel it was an exaggeration) that 80% of his work is accomplished on an iPad. Apple certainly seems to be aware of this universal nature of the iPad considering their Your Verse Campaign. Is the Surface limiting itself by focusing too much on being a "work" device?